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מק"ט: 580101 קטגוריה:


חומר לניקוי של כלים וכפות מידה משאריות צמנט, אלג'ינט וגבס. בעל pH bhyrkh.

מגיע 15 שקיות אבקה של 50 גרם. כל שקית לערבוב עם 1 ליטר מים.

Neutral pH detergent solution, ideal for removing alginate, plaster and cement residues normally deposited on impression trays and instruments.



Liquid concentrate: available in 1 lt bottle (ALC100) or 5 lt plastic container (ALC500). A ready to use solution is obtained by diluting 1 volume of liquid with 9 volumes of water.

Powder: in practical single-dose bags (50 g each). Simply pour the content of a bag into 1 lt of water to obtain a ready to use solution. The slight effervescence which develops helps the dissolution process. To facilitate the dissolution process stir the solution.

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Recommended submersion time: alginate 3 hours (dissolution: 0,05 g/h), plaster 5 hours (dissolution: 0,04 g/h); cement 8 hours (dissolution: 0,03 g/h).
An excessive increase in dissolution time indicates the need to replace the solution.
Ultrasonic cleaners use reduces submersion timings.